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Wacky Races 
PEZ Candy Mascot 
Paw PatrolPEZ - Paw Patrol
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Pinkie Pie 
Twilight Sparkle 
Minion BobPEZ - Minion Bob
Minion KevinPEZ - Minion Kevin
Minion OttoPEZ - Minion Otto
Minion StuartPEZ - Minion Stuart C half open eye with hands
Avengers Collectors PackPEZ - Avengers Collectors Pack
Olaf Mini & Elsa B Twin PackPEZ - Olaf Mini & Elsa B Twin Pack
Anna B & Kristoff Twin PackPEZ - Anna B & Kristoff Twin Pack
Paw Patrol Collectors PackPEZ - Paw Patrol Collectors Pack
Frozen II TinPEZ - Frozen II Tin

ebay items ending soon
Star Wars Disney Pez Tin Collectible Hans Solo Chewbacca BB-8 Rey 2017
Time left: 19 min.
Red/White/Blue Whistle Pez Dispenser ~ In Bag
Time left: 23 min.
6 Pez (including Uhura from Star Trek) Dispensers
Time left: 26 min.
Orange County Choppers Pez Set 2006 Limited Edition New in Box
Time left: 31 min.
Star Wars C3PO Pez Metallic Gold Rare 1997
Time left: 39 min.

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