PEZ series and subseries

Authentic Dispenser
Advertising Dispenser23 entries
Animated Movies and Series279 (+12) entries
44 Cats3 entries
Angry Birds12 entries
Animal Crossing3 entries
Ben 103 entries
Blaze and the Monster Machines3 entries
Blue’s Clues3 entries
Bob the Builder7 entries
Bratz5 entries
Care Bears10 entries
Doraemon2 entries
Fireman Sam2 entries
Gabby's Dollhouse5 entries
Garfield14 entries
Grinch6 (+1) entries
How to Train Your Dragon2 entries
Kyoro Chan7 entriesPEZ Animated Movies and Series - Kyoro Chan
Masha and the bear3 entries
Miraculous4 entries
Moshi Monsters3 entries
Mr. Bean4 entries
Mr. Men10 entries
Muppets15 entries
My little Pony19 (+3) entries
Nintendo14 (+4) entries
Open Season4 entries
Paw Patrol19 entries
Peppa Pig10 entries
Pink Panther5 entries
PJ Masks3 entries
Pokémon15 (+4) entries
Scoob!6 entries
Scooby Doo6 entries
Sesame Street9 entries
Shimmer and Shine5 entries
Sing 23 entries
Sonic the Hedgehog5 entries
Super Wings3 entries
The Secret Life of Pets6 entries
Thomas and Friends9 entries
Tweenies5 entries
Winx Club3 entries
Yo-Kai Watch4 entries
Asterix13 entries
Series A5 entries
Series B5 entries
Series C3 entries
Barbie15 entries
Bi-Centennial27 entries
Bugz28 entries
Crystal Collection18 entries
Candy-Phone15 entries
Car Box14 entries
Charity131 (+57) entries
1. Austrian PEZ Collectors Club4 (+2) entriesPEZ Charity - 1. Austrian PEZ Collectors Club
AWL / SOS108 (+55) entries
Rambo2 entries
Red Nose Day3 entries
Solomon's Lodge3 entries Charity1 entries
Christmas121 (+6) entries
12 Days of Christmas13 entries
Crystal Collection16 entries
Glow-in-the-Dark1 entries
Mini PEZ7 entries
Misfits6 entries
Circus60 entries
Convention320 (+17) entries
Australian PEZ Gathering1 entries
Burlingame PEZ Museum6 entries
Christmas PEZ Gathering1 entries
Columbus Pezheads Gathering1 entries
Comic Con5 entries
Dairyville PEZ Gathering12 (+1) entries
Finnish Pez Gathering6 entries
French PEZ Gathering3 entries
Go Pez Japan9 entries
Great Lakes8 entries
Green Bay PEZ Gathering2 entries
Indonesia Gathering1 entries
Israeli PEZ Gathering2 entries
Istanbul PEZ Gathering6 entries
Japan PEZ Gathering11 entries
KC PezHead Gathering6 entries
Kleinmünchner PEZ Sammeltreffen18 (+2) entries
Las Vegas PEZ Convention1 entries
Linz Gathering40 (+5) entries
Lone Star8 entries
Minnesota PEZ Convention20 entries
National PEZ Convention10 entries
Norway PEZ Convention2 entries
PCN26 (+1) entries
PEZ on the river1 entries
PEZ Party1 entries
PEZ Portugal Gathering4 entries
PEZ-A-GO-GO2 (+1) entries
PEZAMANIA40 entries
PEZcific Coast Convention13 entries
Pezilla Portugal2 entries
Pezlando!1 entries
Pezpańa2 entries
PEZ-Sammlertreffen Deutschland2 entries
Pezylvania4 entries
Porkopolis1 entries
Reunión de collectionistas de PEZ2 entries
Slovenian PEZ Convention17 (+7) entries
Steel City PEZ Gathering1 entries
Swedish Pez Gathering17 entries
UK PEZ Gathering1 entries
VIP Gathering2 entries
Crayola10 entries
Crazy Animals7 entries
Crystal Collection3 entries
Crazy Fruit5 entries
Disney Classic299 (+21) entries
80th Anniversary4 entries
90 Years2 entries
Animal Friends6 entriesPEZ Disney Classic - Animal Friends
Bambi4 entries
Bowtique11 entries
Collectors Set9 entries
Cuties4 entries
Disney 1008 entries
Disney Parks10 entries
Duck Tales15 entries
Extreme Mickey and Friends6 entries
Fairies14 entries
Mickey Mouse & Friends10 entries
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse9 (+4) entries
Mickey Mouse Progressive4 entries
Peter Pan6 entries
Pinocchio5 entries
Princess35 (+2) entries
Snow White5 entries
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs9 (+3) entries
Soft-Heads6 entries
Stylish Mickey2 (+2) entries
Team Mickey & Minnie4 entries
Ultimate Couple4 entries
Valentines Gift Set6 (+7) entries
Winnie the Pooh28 entries
Disney Movies196 (+9) entries
Best of Pixar9 entries
Cars27 (+3) entries
Chicken Little4 entries
Finding Nemo / Dory14 (+2) entries
Frozen19 entries
Handy Manny5 entries
Incredibles, The15 entries
Jake and the Never Land Pirates2 entries
Jungle Book31 (+1) entriesPEZ Disney Movies - Jungle Book
Lightyear4 entries
Lion King12 entries
Meet the Robinsons4 entries
Monsters Inc.5 (+1) entries
Phineas and Ferb6 entries
Pirates of the Carribean3 entries
Planes7 (+2) entries
Ratatouille4 entries
Ratzenberger Exclusive9 entriesPEZ Disney Movies - Ratzenberger Exclusive
Toy Story14 entries
Wall-E2 entries
Dreamworks Movies82 entries
Bee Movie5 entries
Kung Fu Panda7 entries
Madagascar12 entries
Monsters vs Aliens3 entries
Over the Hedge4 entries
Shrek5 entries
Spirit Riding Free5 entries
The Penguins of Madagascar4 entries
Transformers12 entries
Trolls25 entries
Easter151 (+1) entries
Crystal Collection3 entries
Fat Ear Bunny7 entries
Gift Egg7 entries
Mini Bunny4 entriesPEZ Easter - Mini Bunny
Mini Gift Egg17 entries
Eerie Specters6 entries
Emergency Heroes12 entries
Famous People41 entries
Elvis6 entries
Kiss5 entries
Nickelback4 entriesPEZ Famous People - Nickelback
One Direction5 entries
Orange County Choppers4 entries
Royal Couple4 entries
WWE4 entries
Flintstones8 entries
Dispenser with Body Parts1 entries
Funky Faces74 (+52) entries
Emoji39 entries
Emoji Crystal Balls3 entries
Emoticons9 entries
Funky Faces13 (+52) entries
Hanukkah Dreidel3 entries
Walmart Smileys7 entries
Guns22 entries
Halloween95 (+1) entries
Crystal Collection16 entries
Ghosts3 entries
Glow-in-the-Dark6 entries
Halloween 20037 entries
Misfits3 entries
Harry Potter22 entries
Wizarding World15 entries
Hearts150 (+43) entries
Crystal Collection1 entries
Ebay6 entries
Valentine141 (+42) entries
Hello Kitty93 (+4) entries
40th Anniversary5 entries
Crystal Collection19 (+4) entries
Fullbody11 entries
Hello Kitty Bee3 entries
Hello Kitty Llama4 entries
Hello Kitty Puppy5 entries
Little Mermaid4 entries
Skulls4 entriesPEZ Hello Kitty - Skulls
Unicorn5 entries
Yoga3 entries
Hot Wheels2 entries
Humans23 entries
Ice Age9 entriesPEZ Ice Age
Kooky Zoo98 entries
Crystal Collection1 entries
L.O.L. Surprise!29 entries
Serie 111 entries
Serie 29 entries
Serie 39 entries
Looney Tunes80 (+8) entries
Back In Action8 entries
Cool Looney Tunes6 entries
Football Looney Tunes7 (+7) entries
Looney Tunes Active!6 entries
Space Jam4 entries
Tweety and Taz 20084 (+1) entries
Merry Music Makers34 entries
MGM Cartoons29 entries
Monsters4 entries
Morinaga - Gundam4 entries
Movie and Series Characters116 entries
Despicable Me19 entries
Game of Thrones8 entries
Golden Compass4 entries
Harry Potter3 entries
Jurassic World13 entries
La Casa de Papel12 entries
Littlest Pet Shop3 entries
Lord of the Rings22 entries
Power Rangers3 entries
Rio 23 entries
Stranger Things10 entries
The Office7 entries
Wizard of Oz9 entries
Nascar37 entries
Gift Packs8 entries
Haulers9 entries
Helmets20 entries
Nici3 (+8) entries
Olympics16 entries
PEZ Heroes4 entries
PEZ Interactive16 entries
PEZ Miscellaneous260 (+12) entries
Bundesrat2 entries
Coach Whistle23 entriesPEZ PEZ Miscellaneous - Coach Whistle
Crystal Collection13 entries
Glow-in-the-Dark2 entries
I ♥ Austria4 entries
PEZ Candy Mascot16 entries
PEZ Car2 entries
PEZ Treats11 entries
Silver Wafer Gift Set10 entries
Space Mission5 entries
World's smallest PEZ5 entries
PEZ Pals103 entries
Bride & Groom27 entries
Crystal Collection2 entries
Gas Station Boys13 entries
PEZ Smart2 entries
PEZ Sportz15 entries
PEZ-A-Saurs12 entries
Crystal Collection8 entries
PEZimals6 entries
Playmobil4 entries
Playworlds (Bastel-Sets)11 entries
Plush Dispenser117 entries
Arctic Babies5 entries
Arctic Planet4 entries
Barnyard Babies5 entries
Cats & Dogs5 entries
Cuddle Cubs8 entries
Cuddle Cubs Valentines3 entries
Disney4 entries
Easter4 entries
Forest Family4 entries
Fuzzy Farm5 entries
Fuzzy Friends Bears4 entries
Fuzzy Friends Dogs & Cats8 entries
Hello Kitty12 entries
Hippity Hoppities8 entries
Petz Cats and Dogs5 entries
Political Party Animals2 entries
Safari Animals5 entries
Safari Babies5 entries
Teddy Friends5 entries
Wild Zoo5 entries
Wildlife Animals4 entries
Winter Plush7 entries
Popeye9 entries
Premiums10 entries
Regulars106 (+4) entries
Advertising Regular26 entries
Arithmetic Regular5 entries
Box Patent6 entries
Box Trademark3 entries
Disposable Regular4 entries
Golden Glow4 entries
Japanese Regular5 entries
Monochrome Mint7 entries
Oversized Regular6 entries
Personalized Regular8 entries
Regular14 entries
Regular Remake7 entries
Retro Classic2 (+4) entries
Silver Glow3 entries
Safari Animals22 entries
Crystal Collection14 entries
Misfits2 entries
Salesman Cards2 entries
Shinkansen4 entries
Shopkins6 entries
Simpsons12 entries
Smurfs25 entries
Click5 entries
Series A11 entries
Series B5 entries
Series C4 entries
Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang30 entries
Series A12 entries
Series B17 entries
Sourz13 entries
Crystal Collection8 entries
SpongeBob SquarePants15 entriesPEZ SpongeBob SquarePants
Sports Promos173 (+31) entries
Baseball15 entries
Basketball13 (+2) entries
Bosnia and Herzegovina Football2 entries
Football1 entries
German Bundesliga8 entries
Hockey2 entries
MLB Balls32 entries
MLB Caps18 entries
NCAA Football30 entries
NHL36 (+5) entries
Soccer6 (+19) entries
Swiss Football3 (+3) entries
Swiss Hockey1 (+2) entries
UK Football6 entries
Star Trek20 entries
The Next Generation11 entries
The Original Series9 entries
Star Wars103 entries
Crystal Series6 entries
Disney 1005 entries
Han Solo6 entries
Limited Edition12 entries
Rise of Skywalker8 entries
Series A8 entries
Series B5 entries
Series C7 entries
Series D7 entries
Series E Clone Wars3 entries
Series F4 entries
The Force Awakens5 entries
The Last Jedi4 entries
The Mandalorian15 entries
The Rogue One3 entries
Strawberry Shortcake3 entries
Super Heroes127 (+1) entries
Avengers 20159 entries
Avengers Endgame3 entries
Batman and Villains5 (+1) entries
Batman vs. Superman6 entries
Black Panther8 entries
Disney 1005 entries
Eternals6 entries
Guardians of the Galaxy4 entries
Justice League13 entries
Soft-Heads6 entries
Super Hero Girls10 entries
Super Heroes 1990ies4 entries
Super Heroes 19993 entries
Super Heroes 20094 entriesPEZ Super Heroes - Super Heroes 2009
Super Heroes 20112 entries
Super Heroes 20124 entries
Teddy Friends11 entries
Love Edition6 entries
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles24 (+48) entries
Series A8 (+48) entries
Series B4 entries
Series C12 entries
Trucks239 (+68) entries
Advertising Trucks92 entries
Mascot Trucks5 entries
Misfits16 (+48) entries
Series A27 entries
Series B9 entries
Series BR2 entries
Series C30 entriesPEZ Trucks - Series C
Series CR16 entriesPEZ Trucks - Series CR
Series D16 (+20) entriesPEZ Trucks - Series D
Series E24 entriesPEZ Trucks - Series E
Series F1 entries
Ugly Dolls3 entries
US Presidents53 entries
Valentines16 entries
Visitor Center23 entries
Sweets & Snacks Expo8 entries
Licensed Dispenser
Candy Hander3 entries
General Mills4 entries
Giant PEZ238 entries
Christmas3 entries
Disney40 entries
Disney Fairies2 entries
Disney Princess1 entries
Easter3 entries
Elvis2 entries
Events7 entries
Garfield2 entries
General Mills4 entries
Hello Kitty6 entries
Looney Tunes2 entries
Miscellaneous16 entries
Muppets4 entries
NFL32 entries
Peanuts66 entries
Political2 entries
Sesame Street9 entries
Shrek2 entries
Star Wars15 entries
Super Heroes5 entries
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles4 entries
The Simpsons7 entries
Toy Story2 entries
Jewelry16 entries
Sea World4 entries
Keychain20 entries
Cool Looney Tunes3 entries
Looney Tunes3 entries
Muppets3 entries
Series 13 entries
Series 23 entries
Super Heroes2 entries
The Simpsons3 entries
Mini PEZ252 entries
Barbapapa #155 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Barbapapa #15
Boukenger #355 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Boukenger #35
Capybara-san #385 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Capybara-san #38
Dokodemo Issyo 1 #096 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Dokodemo Issyo 1 #09
Dokodemo Issyo 2 #296 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Dokodemo Issyo 2 #29
Dragon Ball Z 1 #215 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Dragon Ball Z 1 #21
Dragon Ball Z 2 #305 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Dragon Ball Z 2 #30
Dragon Ball Z 3 #375 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Dragon Ball Z 3 #37
Final Fantasy #165 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Final Fantasy #16
Frog Style 1 #105 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Frog Style 1 #10
Frog Style 2 #325 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Frog Style 2 #32
Gachapin and Mukku 1 #185 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Gachapin and Mukku 1 #18
Gachapin and Mukku 1 MiniMini #415 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Gachapin and Mukku 1 MiniMini #41
Gachapin and Mukku 2 #225 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Gachapin and Mukku 2 #22
Go-Onger #455 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Go-Onger #45
Junior City 1 #145 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Junior City 1 #14
Junior City 2 #275 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Junior City 2 #27
Keroro Gunsou 1 #175 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Keroro Gunsou 1 #17
Keroro Gunsou 2 #245 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Keroro Gunsou 2 #24
Magi Rangers #265 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Magi Rangers #26
Mario Party #235 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Mario Party #23
Masked Rider 1 #025 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Masked Rider 1 #02
Masked Rider 2 #065 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Masked Rider 2 #06
Moomin #135 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Moomin #13
Oden-Kun #345 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Oden-Kun #34
One Piece 1 #255 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - One Piece 1 #25
One Piece 1 MiniMini #445 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - One Piece 1 MiniMini #44
One Piece 2 #475 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - One Piece 2 #47
Peanuts 1 #405 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Peanuts 1 #40
Peanuts 2 #485 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Peanuts 2 #48
Pingu #035 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Pingu #03
Pingu Crystal #315 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Pingu Crystal #31
Pokémon 1 #045 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Pokémon 1 #04
Pokémon 2 #075 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Pokémon 2 #07
Pokémon 3 #195 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Pokémon 3 #19
Pokémon 4 #395 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Pokémon 4 #39
Pokémon 5 #465 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Pokémon 5 #46
Pokémon 6 #496 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Pokémon 6 #49
Pokémon Diamond & Pearl MiniMini #425 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Pokémon Diamond & Pearl MiniMini #42
Rody #125 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Rody #12
Rody Meets Frogstyle #205 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Rody Meets Frogstyle #20
Rody with Strap2 entries
San-X Party #336 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - San-X Party #33
Tamagotchi #285 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Tamagotchi #28
Thomas and Friends #056 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Thomas and Friends #05
Ultraman 1 #015 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Ultraman 1 #01
Ultraman 2 #085 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Ultraman 2 #08
Ultraman 3 #115 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Ultraman 3 #11
Zenmai-Zamurai #365 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Zenmai-Zamurai #36
Zenmai-Zamurai MiniMini #435 entriesPEZ Mini PEZ - Zenmai-Zamurai MiniMini #43
Party Favors32 (+5) entries
Animals5 entries
Bubbleman2 (+3) entries
Bugz5 entries
Peter PEZ2 entries
PEZ-A-Saurs5 entries
The Simpsons5 entries
Trucks3 (+2) entries
Whistles5 entries
Pen11 entries
Looney Tunes Candy Pen3 entries
Rocket Pen8 entries
PEZ Petz16 entries
Series 14 entries
Series 24 entries
Series 34 entries
Series 44 entries
Pezmania2 entries
Power PEZ6 entries
Pull n Go9 entries
Nascar9 entries
Funko POP PEZ!
Ad Icons27 entries
Avatar3 entries
Banana Splits8 entries
Betty Pop2 entries
Books3 entries
Caddyshack2 entries
Care Bears6 entries
Christmas Story2 entries
Coraline2 entries
Dark Crystal3 entries
Darkwing Duck3 entries
DC Comics21 entries
Disney10 entries
Disney Kingdom Hearts4 entries
Disney Villains4 entries
Doctor Who4 entries
Dragon Ball Z2 entries
Elf1 entries
Elvira1 entries
Felix the Cat1 entries
Five Nights at Freddy4 entries
Funko8 entries
Funko POP!12 entries
Ghostbusters8 entries
Golden Girls4 entries
Gremlins3 entries
H. R. Pufnstuf4 entries
Hanna Barbera26 entries
Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har Har2 entries
Harry Potter5 entries
Hocus Pocus3 entries
Iron Giant1 entries
Land of the Lost2 entries
Looney Tunes3 entries
Marvel31 entries
Deadpool10 entries
Venom4 entries
Masters of the Universe18 entries
My Hero Academia4 entries
Myths2 entries
Naruto Shippuden3 entries
NFL34 entries
Nightmare before Christmas11 entries
PEZ Pals16 entries
Ralph Breaks the Internet3 entries
Retro Toys3 entries
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World6 entries
Star Wars22 entries
The Office7 entries
The Year Without a Santa Claus2 entries
Thunder Cats2 entries
Toy Story3 entries
Tron2 entries
TV2 entries
Video Games7 entries
Non Dispenser
Balloon Stickers0 entries
Bank10 entries
Bath18 entries
Bath Salt3 entries
Soap9 entries
Sponge3 entries
Bendables6 entries
Body Parts29 entries
Holiday2 entries
PEZ Pals7 entries
Series 19 entries
Series 26 entries
Series 35 entries
Books71 entries
Bubble Wand4 entries
Chain PEZ7 entriesPEZ Chain PEZ
Christmas Stocking5 entries
Clickers17 entries
Clothing12 entries
Boxer Shorts3 entries
Caps3 entries
Sleep Pants2 entries
Counter Box52 entries
12 Count Plush US1 entries
12 Count Poly Bag US51 entries
Crazy Clips31 entries
DVD1 entries
Erasers5 entries
Eraser in PEZ Type Box5 entries
Eyewear and Glasses9 entries
Finger Puppet5 entries
Flashlight Keychain3 entries
Flashlights3 entries
Food32 entries
Funky PEZ7 entries
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles4 entriesPEZ Funky PEZ - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Games and Puzzles25 entries
100 Piece4 entries
Mini Puzzles5 entries
Greeting Cards9 entries
Handy Dandy Puppets4 entries
Header Cards50 entries
Mini PEZ5 entries
Johnny Lightning22 entries
PEZ 50th Anniversary4 entries
Psychedelic PEZ2 entries
Release 36 entries
Key Charm12 entries
Lapel Pins15 entriesPEZ Lapel Pins
Lip Balm & Gloss75 entries
Lip Balm32 entries
Lip Balm Characters12 entries
Lip Cream Color13 entries
Lip Gloss10 entries
Lunch Boxes4 entries
Magnets12 entries
Mini Flashlights4 entries
Miscellaneous (Non-Dispenser)174 entries
American Distribution Company8 entries
Tag Memo in PEZ Type Box1 entries
Mouse Pads2 entries
Mugs7 entries
Music2 entries
Ornaments29 entries
Carlton Cards11 entries
Hallmark2 entries
Kat + Annie8 entries
Toy Vault / Acornia4 entries
WondaPop4 entries
Package Cards48 entries
International25 entries
U.S.23 entries
Paper Glasses5 entries
Paper Hats2 entries
Paper Masks18 entries
German Soccer10 entries
Pens19 entries
Ball Point Pens5 entries
Floating Action Pens4 entries
M-Pencil Liad4 entries
Pewter Paperweights5 entries
PEZ 100% Juice26 entries
PEZ Activity Pack17 entries
Bratz3 entries
Lion King5 entries
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles4 entries
Winnie the Pooh5 entries
PEZ Can Badges9 entries
Two Pack3 entries
PEZ Card Game203 entries
Individual Cards200 entries
PEZ Fans7 entries
Disney4 entries
SpongeBob3 entries
PEZ for Pets4 entries
PEZ Gift Wrap3 entries
PEZ Soft31 entries
Phone Tools2 entries
Plane2 entries
Plush Toy25 entries
Basic Fun 14"4 entries
Basic Fun 7"4 entries
Goodstuff 10"7 entries
Goodstuff 14"7 entries
Zipper bag3 entries
Porcelain Hinged Boxes16 entries
Postcards20 entries
Promo Trucks19 entries
M2 Trucks17 entries
Rulers12 entries
Rulers with Slide Calipers2 entries
Sliding Key Ring5 entries
Snow Dome3 entries
Stamps5 entries
Stencils6 entries
Sticker Cans6 entriesPEZ Sticker Cans
Stickers632 entries
Alphabet4 entries
Angry Birds13 entries
Animal (3 pieces)4 entries
Baby Bugs4 entries
Balloon Sticker20 entries
Bicentennial9 entries
Bob the Builder4 entries
Bratz4 entries
Bug Friends10 entries
Cars 210 entries
Crazy Animals8 entries
Crazy Fruits12 entries
Despicable Me 310 entries
Dinosaurs8 entries
Dinosaurs (Haas)8 entries
Flintstones22 entries
Flintstones Spanish18 entries
Frozen10 entries
Fruits8 entries
Glowing Ghosts8 entries
Hello Kitty20 entries
Ice Age 24 entries
Looney Tunes14 entries
Looney Tunes - Back in Action5 entries
Looney Tunes Cool8 entries
Looney Tunes Football5 entries
Madagascar4 entries
Madagascar 310 entries
Mickey & Minnie20 entries
Mr. Bean4 entries
Muppets6 entries
My Little Pony10 entries
Nemo10 entries
Nintendo10 entries
Open Season4 entries
Peanuts6 entries
PEZ-A-Saurs8 entries
Pink Panther6 entries
Pink Panther Color of Cool6 entries
Planes Fire & Rescue10 entries
Pokémon5 entries
Safari Animals12 entries
School6 entries
Sesame Street4 entries
Shrek 24 entries
Smurfs16 entries
Soccer10 entries
SpongeBob SquarePants24 entries
Star Wars8 entries
Star Wars Boba Fett16 entries
Star Wars Clone Wars10 entries
Sticker Doubles (1970s)10 entries
Sticker Doubles (1980s)6 entries
Sticker Singles (1970s)16 entries
Sticker Singles (1980s)2 entries
Tattoo2 entries
Tattoo Doubles (1970s)6 entries
Tattoo Safari Animals6 entries
Tattoo Singles (1970s)12 entries
Tattoo Singles (1980s)12 entries
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles4 entries
The Simpsons30 entries
Tom & Jerry32 entries
Transformers10 entries
Tweenies5 entries
Strap Holders36 entries
Disney3 entries
Series A7 entries
Series B6 entries
Snoopy4 entries
SpongeBob Squarepants5 entries
Star Wars8 entries
Winnie the Pooh3 entries
Tin Boxes25 entries
Tin Signs4 entries
Toothbrushes16 entries
Japanese6 entries
Poppin'6 entries
Trading Cards7 entries
Wacky Wobblers20 entries
Watches and Clocks45 entries
Yummy Bubbles7 entries
Commercial214 entries
Convention51 entries
Dextrose Packs184 entries
Advertising Packs9 entries
Elongated Packs26 entries
Doppel10 entries
Gum3 entries
Smoke-Pause1 entries
Tomby6 entries
Traubenzucker5 entries
Vita-PEZ1 entries
Fun Packs225 entries
Franklin94 entries
Garfield24 entries
Lord of the Rings24 entries
Mr. Bean24 entries
Simpsons24 entries
Spider-Man35 entries
Individual Packs24 entries
Less Common Types60 entries
Chlorophyll1 entries
Disamint1 entries
Golden8 entries
Gum2 entries
Hasetten2 entries
Mail-In Offers2 entries
Mini Paks5 entries
Movie Pack1 entries
Psycho Packs4 entries
Sixo1 entries
Super-Mint2 entries
Traubenzucker12 entries
Twin Paks18 entries
Major Types768 entries
Candy Body94 entries
Candy Face78 entries
Candy Moon4 entries
Fruit266 entries
Smiling Fruit49 entries
Star A35 entries
Star B134 entries
US Fruits17 entries
US Plain91 entries
Mini Mints40 entries
Andy Warhol8 entriesPEZ Mini Mints - Andy Warhol
Classic Moments10 entriesPEZ Mini Mints - Classic Moments
Elvis Presley8 entriesPEZ Mini Mints - Elvis Presley
Norman Rockwell12 entriesPEZ Mini Mints - Norman Rockwell
Recent Types45 entries
Chocolate5 entries
Cola13 entries
Peppermint18 entries
Sugarfree7 entries
unsorted10 entries
Haas Food Products103 entries
Baking26 entries
Cereals3 entries
Decor19 entries
Mustard16 entries
Pudding37 entries
Seasoning2 entries
Haas Merchandising286 entries
Figuren Cowboys und Indianer72 entries
Figuren Krippe12 entries
Figuren Tiergarten12 entries
Keksausstecher I72 entries
Keksausstecher II8 entries
Keksausstecher III25 entries
Keksausstecher IV16 entries
Keksausstecher V4 entries
Keksausstecher VI1 entries
Küchenutensilien51 entries
Puddingformen13 entries