Sep. 28, 2013New feature: FastAdd

A new feature has been added to MoMoPEZ. On the search-screen you can enable it to add your items faster and more easily.

May. 05, 2012Major Update: Upload your own pictures

Finally it is possible that you can upload your own multiple pictures for each database entry. Enjoy

Apr. 25, 2012DATABASE: Many new/old dispensers and other items

After the visit of the PEZ Visitors Center some new items, some old items and a lot of pictures have been added.

Nov. 03, 2011DATABASE: Lord of the Rings Walmart added
  • Added Lord of the Rings Walmart Exclusive Collectors Set
  • Added Lord of the Rings Walmart Exclusive Eye of Sauron

Oct. 31, 2011DATABASE: Bolo added
  • Bolo added

Oct. 20, 2011New 7.5 stem added

The new 7.523.841 stem is now available

Oct. 19, 2011DATABASE: LOTR, Walmart and others
  • Lord of the Rings (including Walmart Exclusive)
  • Burlingame Museum Exclusives
  • Cars Pull and Go
  • NHL Masks
  • Walmart Serie


Jun. 28, 2011DATABASE: some changes

Thanks to Nick for the following changes:

  • Clubhouse Mickey renamed to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • Monsters vs Aliens PEZ moved to DreamWorks (was Disney Films)
  • Chicken Little moved to Disney Films
  • Correted the images for Extreme Donald Duck (were Daisy).
  • Tiana moved to Disney Princesses (was Disney Fairies)
  • The copyright on Tom B (1008) is for 1980, not 1990

Jun. 19, 2011DATABASE: Convention and new Items
  • A lot of new and old convention dispensers were added - and a lot will follow.
  • Some new MLB and Football disperns were added
  • Tons of new pictures where added.
Jun. 10, 2011Grand Opening

On June 10, 2011 went final!

After a long beta period we are live on air! Günter Haidinger, president of the First Austrian PEZ Collectors Club, officially opened it while this years gathering.