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Disney Classic
- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Daisy Duck   PEZ - Daisy Duck C
Donald Duck   PEZ - Donald Duck H
Donald Duck Mini  PEZ - Donald Duck H Mini
Goofy   PEZ - Goofy G
Mickey Mouse   PEZ - Mickey Mouse I
Mickey Mouse Mini, painted tongue  PEZ - Mickey Mouse I Mini, painted tongue
Mickey Mouse painted tongue   
Minnie Mouse Mini, pink bow  PEZ - Minnie Mouse D Mini, pink bow
Minnie Mouse pink bow  PEZ - Minnie Mouse D pink bow
Minnie Mouse pink bow, painted tongue   
Pete the Cat    PEZ - Pete the Cat
Pluto   PEZ - Pluto F
Mickey Mouse2013 Mini Egg  mickey hand and silhouette PEZ - Mickey Mouse I  on mickey hand and silhouette
13 (9+4)
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