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Original PEZ regular     
U.S. Zone  Black Top   
U.S. Zone  Clear Yellow Top   
U.S. Zone  White Top   
Witch Regular     
- Advertising Regular
Advertising Regular  1954 National Candy Convention   
Advertising Regular  Ben Hur  PEZ - Advertising Regular  Ben Hur
Advertising Regular  Bosch   
Advertising Regular  ConStandi M. Bajjali   
Advertising Regular  Ford   
Advertising Regular  Irmasos Costa Dias   
Advertising Regular  Krüger  PEZ - Advertising Regular  Krüger
Advertising Regular  Lonicot   
Advertising Regular  Moyeux-Frien "IDEAL"   
Advertising Regular  NCWA Convention   
Advertising Regular  PEZ macht froh!  PEZ - Advertising Regular  PEZ macht froh!
Advertising Regular  PEZ refreshes!  PEZ - Advertising Regular  PEZ refreshes!
Advertising Regular  PEZ-HAAS INC. (Black Top)   
Advertising Regular  PEZ-HAAS INC. (Blue Top)   
Advertising Regular  PEZ-HAAS INC. (Gold Top)   
Advertising Regular  PEZ-HAAS INC. (Red Top)   
Advertising Regular  PEZ-HAAS INC. (White Top)   
Advertising Regular  PEZ-HAAS INC. (Yellow Top)   
Advertising Regular  Royal Toffee   
Advertising Regular  Seven PEZ daily  PEZ - Advertising Regular  Seven PEZ daily
Advertising Regular  Sport Chief   
Advertising Regular  Swarm Insurance   
Advertising Regular  Überreicht durch AIR FRANCE   
Advertising Regular  Val's Vivance   
Advertising Regular  Widamo Offeriert   
Advertising Regular  Your Ad Copy   
- Arithmetic Regular
Arithmetic Regular  Blue Top   
Arithmetic Regular  Green Top   
Arithmetic Regular  Tan Top   
Arithmetic Regular  White Top  PEZ - Arithmetic Regular  White Top
Arithmetic Regular  Yellow Top   
- Box Patent
Box Patent  Black Top   
Box Patent  Blue Top   
Box Patent  Off-White Top   
Box Patent  Red Top   
Box Patent  Transparent Red   
Box Patent  White Top  PEZ - Box Patent  White Top
- Box Trademark
Box Trademark  Black Top  PEZ - Box Trademark  Black Top
Box Trademark  Green Top  PEZ - Box Trademark  Green Top
Box Trademark Locking Cap  Ivory Top  PEZ - Box Trademark Locking Cap  Ivory Top
- Disposable Regular
Disposable Regular  Blue Top  PEZ - Disposable Regular  Blue Top
Disposable Regular  Gold Top   
Disposable Regular  Red Top  PEZ - Disposable Regular  Red Top
Disposable Regular  White Top  PEZ - Disposable Regular  White Top
- Golden Glow
50th Anniversary Golden Glow    PEZ - 50th Anniversary Golden Glow
Golden Glow  2.6  PEZ - Golden Glow  2.6
Golden Glow  3.4  PEZ - Golden Glow  3.4
Golden Glow  3.9   
- Japanese Regular
Japanese  Black Top  PEZ - Japanese  Black Top
Japanese  Gold Top  PEZ - Japanese  Gold Top
Japanese  Pink Top  PEZ - Japanese  Pink Top
Japanese  Silver Top  PEZ - Japanese  Silver Top
Japanese  White Top  PEZ - Japanese  White Top
- Monochrome Mint
Regular Mono Mint  Blue Top   
Regular Mono Mint  Golden Top  PEZ - Regular Mono Mint  Golden Top
Regular Mono Mint  Purple Top   
Regular Mono Mint  Red Top  PEZ - Regular Mono Mint  Red Top
Regular Mono Mint  Silver Top  PEZ - Regular Mono Mint  Silver Top
Regular Mono Mint  White Top   
Regular Mono Mint  Yellow Top  PEZ - Regular Mono Mint  Yellow Top
- Oversized Regular
Klick & Spend  Gold Top   
Klick & Spend  Green Top  PEZ - Klick & Spend  Green Top
Long  Aqua Top  PEZ - Long  Aqua Top
Long  Black Top  PEZ - Long  Black Top
Long  Dark Green Top   
Long  Green Top  PEZ - Long  Green Top
- Personalized Regular
Personalized Regular  Black Top  PEZ - Personalized Regular  Black Top
Personalized Regular  Blue Top  PEZ - Personalized Regular  Blue Top
Personalized Regular  Gold Top   
Personalized Regular  Green Top   
Personalized Regular  Light Blue Top   
Personalized Regular  Red Top  PEZ - Personalized Regular  Red Top
Personalized Regular  White Top   
Personalized U.S. Zone     
- Regular
Regular  Black Top  PEZ - Regular  Black Top
Regular  Blue Top  PEZ - Regular  Blue Top
Regular  Clear Orange Top   
Regular  Clear Red Top   
Regular  Clear Top   
Regular  Clear Yellow Top  PEZ - Regular  Clear Yellow Top
Regular  Gold Top   
Regular  Green Top  PEZ - Regular  Green Top
Regular  Light Blue Top  PEZ - Regular  Light Blue Top
Regular  Pink Top   
Regular  Red Top  PEZ - Regular  Red Top
Regular  Silver Top   
Regular  White Top  PEZ - Regular  White Top
Regular  Yellow Top  PEZ - Regular  Yellow Top
- Regular Remake
Regular Remake  Blue Top  PEZ - Regular Remake  Blue Top
Regular Remake  Dull Silver Top  PEZ - Regular Remake  Dull Silver Top
Regular Remake  Purple Top  PEZ - Regular Remake  Purple Top
Regular Remake  Red Top  PEZ - Regular Remake  Red Top
Regular Remake  White Top  PEZ - Regular Remake  White Top
Regular Remake  Yellow Top  PEZ - Regular Remake  Yellow Top
Regular Remake with Lip  Light Blue Top  PEZ - Regular Remake with Lip  Light Blue Top
- Retro Classic
Retro Classic  Black Top Lime PEZ - Retro Classic  Black Top on Lime
Retro Classic  Black Top Pink PEZ - Retro Classic  Black Top on Pink
Retro Classic  Black Top Yellow PEZ - Retro Classic  Black Top on Yellow
Retro Classic  White Top Black PEZ - Retro Classic  White Top on Black
Retro Classic  White Top Light Blue PEZ - Retro Classic  White Top on Light Blue
Retro Classic  White Top Red PEZ - Retro Classic  White Top on Red
- Silver Glow
Silver Glow    
Silver Glow   PEZ - Silver Glow B
Silver Glow   PEZ - Silver Glow C
110 (106+4)
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